Building a computer game can seem a daunting task, but this site offers plenty of help to get you started. Before you get started on the inspiring videos and Scratch tutorials available here, the guide you can download below offers creative activities, ideas and Scratch tips that will help you, your class or family create and build an amazing game, and have fun doing it!

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The guide includes support and activities on:

  1. Getting started – includes what you need to begin, planning your work as a family and tips on using Scratch
  2. Intro to game design – includes thinking about what makes a good game and planning your game's overall design
  3. Developing your characters – includes deciding what characters to use in your game and choosing what they do
  4. Design your game levels – includes planning what happens in each level of your game

Have a look inside, gather your flock and get game-building!


A special thank you to the Bristol-based families who helped develop and test out these family resources:
Nicola, Molly and Billy Hudson
Alison, John and Amelie Owen
Katie, Serge, Anastasija, and Sofija Sobol