Learn how to make games with Shaun the Sheep!

Welcome to Shaun's Game Academy, you lucky people! 

Here at Aardman, we think making games is awesome, but we also know it might seem hard when you are first starting out. But fear not! Shaun is here to guide you through three amazing courses that will powerboost your game making career. 

You will find out about the essential parts that make up a game, learn to code with  Scratch and make your very first game using our templates, and then be able to create your very own Shaun the Sheep game using official Aardman Animations models. So what are you waiting for?

Let's get started!  

Getting Started with Games: Ages 5+

Ideal for families and classrooms of younger kids, Getting Started with Games will get you thinking about just what a game is, drawing and creating your own characters, and much more - no computers necessary!

This is an excellent place to begin to start developing an interest in how games work with younger children, or those with less experience of the subject matter. Visit the link below and download or print out the PDF document, and then you are all set to go!

This course will cover:

  1. Getting started – includes what you need to begin, planning your work as a family and tips on using Scratch
  2. Intro to game design – includes thinking about what makes a good game and planning your game's overall design
  3. Developing your characters – includes deciding what characters to use in your game and choosing what they do
  4. Design your game levels – includes planning what happens in each level of your game

Launch #1

Shaun's Sustainability Challenge: Ages 8+

So, you've learned about all the important pieces that make a good game, so now it is time to make one of your very own!

This time we'll start using the completely free and totally awesome program Scratch to make a sweet Shaun the Sheep game.

This course will cover:

  1. Coding a player - how to make Shaun move around the game, and how to use animation so he looks like he is running.
  2. Coding collectables - how to make collectable objects, make them move around the game on their own, and how to create a score that increases when you collect things.
  3. Coding variables - how to make a variable, and use it to add a timer to your game, and a way you can win the game.

Launch #2

Advanced Game Building: Ages 10+

Now things are really hotting up! You know the secrets of what makes a good game, and how to code a simple one in Scratch.

Let's use what you have learned and take it to the next level! In this course, you'll be able to make your own full platformer, build a simple physics system, make enemies and collectables, and many more cool things besides.

This course will cover:

  1. Movement and animation - how to use Scratch to make Shaun the Sheep move around, and how to use animation to make it look like Shaun is running.
  2. Basic physicswhat is a 'game loop', and how can you use it to control your game, and how to use it to detect collisions and create gravity.
  3. Many Levels and Winning the Game - how to make Shaun jump in a realistic way, and how to make lots of different levels for your game that get harder the further you go, and how to win them!
  4. All the cool things! - learn how to make keys and locked doors, moving platforms, enemies and dangerous places, power ups, and many more cool things.
  5. Go for it! - all the assets to go forth and make your very own Shaun games with everything you have learned. Have fun!

Launch #3