Module 4 Adding Danger & Challenge

Adding Danger & Challenge

Now your game needs an element of danger and challenge. This module shows you how to add doors to your game so you can send your player on a quest to find the keys they need to unlock these doors. 

We’re also going to explain how to add to the challenge by giving your character lives, plus we’re going to introduce some baddies into the game to make things even more interesting. We’ll talk you through the basics of power-ups, too. This module is all about adding those special finishing touches that make a good game truly awesome! 

Printable instructions - part 1 (PDF)
Printable instructions - part 2 (PDF)

No Youtube video above? Download it here!

  • Keys & Locked Doors
  • Moving Platforms
  • Reset Zones
  • Baddies
  • Power Ups