Module 5 GO FOR IT!


A massive WELL DONE for getting involved with Shaun's Game Academy! We hope you enjoyed our lessons and videos and that we have made an excited young game designer out of you. As the pros say here, if you enjoy games and have a passion for building them you could be the next big thing in game design.

Now you are ready to make your own game and  win some awesome prizes in our competition! The only criteria is that the game contains Shaun, everything else is up to you.

Work hard, keep that imagination alive and keep playing! We look forward to seeing your competition entry!

Here's our full Scratch game for you to tinker with, just hit the button on the right!!

No Youtube video above? Download it here!

Thanks for making fun, you are awesome!

Assets to use in your games...

We've also put lots more Shaun the Sheep assets in Scratch projects for you to remix or download and use in your Shaun games :)

Animated characters!

Add some fun Aardman characters to your games :)

Game Doodads!

Stars, socks, cakes and much more. Fun props to mess around with!

Pipe Set

Build some awesome levels with this set of pipes!

Large assets!

Barns, houses, sheds; if it's big it's in here.

Doors and platforms!

If you've been following Shaun's Game Academy you should now know how to make good use of these doors and platforms!

Platform Set

Build some awesome levels with this set of platforms!