Introducing Learn & Make


On these pages you’ll find step by step instructions about how to make a really awesome platform game featuring Shaun the Sheep. We’re going to cover all the most important aspects of creating a game from the very beginning, and we recommend you go through all the tutorials from the start!

There are Scratch projects that go with each stage of the tutorials, so when you see the big ‘Launch Project’ buttons, click these to launch Scratch in a new window and then click ‘See Inside’ to start editing the games.

We’ve also made a simple, complete Shaun the Sheep platform game which you can play by pressing the button on the right of this page. This game contains the bits you will learn about in the tutorials, so you can See Inside this full game and muck around with it to your hearts content!

If you are new to making games, you might want to try our previous courses before you attempt this one.

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