Do you like video games? They're awesome! They let you explore strange worlds, become cool characters with mind blowing powers and take on quests you can only dream of. But wouldn't it be amazing to design your own quests, and create your own worlds?

The Nominet Trust and Aardman Animations have teamed up, and we're releasing a huge pile of characters, places and props from the Shaun the Sheep universe into the Scratch coding platform. 

Here at Aardman we've been making games for years. We've made racing games, battling games, platformers and puzzlers, with characters from the Aardman back catalogue as well as really cool CBBC shows.

We know that making games may seem hard, but fear not young game warriors! All you need is a good idea, and we'll help you along the way.

In the  Learn & Make section of this website we'll teach you the most important things about game design, and how to build an awesome game using Scratch.

The  Resources page has some links to other great game design resources around the Net, so once you have finished with Shaun's Game Academy you can continue to learn new skills and develop your passion for game making. 

We've also got some special Learning Resources for families and younger learners. Head over to our Family Learning page to get started.